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Why Choose Prefabricated Houses?

The prefabricated house is the perfect option for you to reach your dreamed areas in the shortest time and with the most appropriate costs. Whether you choose a single-storey prefabricated house or a double-decked prefabricated house, you choose a living space. Recently, in Turkey and in Europe in particular is extremely common, which consists of appropriate according to the cost of the most important reasons to prefer other alternatives of prefabricated houses and construction time will be faster. It is also extremely resistant to natural events such as earthquakes.

How Many Years of Prefabricated Houses?

Prefabricated houses are preferred not only in our country, but also abroad. The life of the prefabricated houses, which are fast and convenient, is considered to be approximately 50 years. In order to ensure both durability and aesthetics, we use ready-made materials as well as construction materials such as steel and cement in the construction of prefabricated houses.

Are Prefabricated Houses Insulated?

Thermal insulation and sound insulation, which are extremely important in the living areas of our people, are included in the project according to the demands of our customers and a high success has been achieved in our projects.

What is Prefabricated House Construction Stage?

The prefabricated house that you convey to our company is built on a previously prepared concrete floor. Our factory in the standards you want to produce single-storey prefabricated houses, double-storey prefabricated houses or three-storey prefabricated houses are manufactured by our expert staff on the area of ​​your choice on a steel frame to be resistant to various natural events and time.

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