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Gaziantep in Turkey and the Middle East countries from Zone 2 prefabricated factory site by offering solutions to our valuable customers and service quality Spades adopting prefabricated are fighting for the better of the best. Our products conform to quality standards and are focused on customer satisfaction.

There are many prefabricated and container service companies in our country. we are proving our goal with our work to our valuable customers by adopting the best service and quality factor, not for the competition. we are waiting for you at our office, saying, "WE HAVE BEEN SUPPLIED TO MAKE OUR WEAPONS." please do not forget to call us for more detailed background information. also you should not decide without getting an offer from us and seeing our presentation. Thanks to our valued customers who prefer us. you are the one who made us.


Prefabricated Houses Office Container
Demounted Container Exterior Dressing
Security Container Construction Site Container
Mobile Container Wc - Bathroom Cabinets
Cafeteria Container Steel Construction

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